Shutdown, Satisfaction, STEM Stats, and Bridging the Gap: This is your e-update Shutdown, Satisfaction, STEM Stats, and Bridging the Gap: This is your e-update
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Oct. 11, 2013 - Volume 19

NC STEM Learning Network
Science + Technology + Engineering + Math

How is education impacted by government shutdown?

With the federal government shutdown grinding on, different parts of the country are feeling the effects with varying levels of pain. It’s not surprising that Virginia would be the hardest hit state. Alaska came in second, according to a new report by WalletHub, with more than 2 percent of the population affected. North Carolina, is on the lower end of the scale and is ranked 40th among impacted states. From K-12 to colleges and universities, experts and researchers are considering the impact the government shutdown will have on education for a time to come. From the educational influence of field trips and government-funded programs such as free or reduced lunches to federal aid and student loans, there is little doubt that students at every age level in every state will be affected in some form or fashion. Educational reporting, data collection, and research funding have all been affected by the shutdown of major information centers such as the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, National Science Foundation, and the Library of Congress. How much impact it has on education in the long-term will remain to be seen. Enjoy your e-update!

nobel prizes

Nobel Prize Winners

Three U.S. scientists have won a Nobel Prize for developing a powerful new way to do chemistry on a computer.

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science for kids

5 Fun Experiments

Everyone knows science is awesome, right? But, are you looking for some amazing experiments families can do together?

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STEM Spotlight
Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap is an annual conference aimed at strengthening K-16 STEM education throughout North Carolina. The event is set for Oct. 14-15, and it has a solid schedule of sessions and presenters.

Bridging the gap 2013

(Click the image to learn more and view this year's agenda)


Latest on NC STEM Blog

We are pleased to offer you this resource to harness the power of numbers. This means everyone here has a voice, and we want to hear from you. Please consider the NC STEM Learning Network Blog just one more way to keep connected to community, state, and national discussions on STEM.

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Apply now for micro-grants in science education

Elkin City initiates STEAM, PBL plan this fall

Brookings advances new definition of STEM jobs

NC Chamber supports career & college ready

STEM grads more satisfied with higher education

An ambitious study carried out earlier this year by McKinsey & Company and Chegg, Inc. sought to uncover the “Voice of the Graduate” on the challenges facing higher education in the United States. While the overall tone of the results skews toward the negative, a few bright spots stood out from recent graduates in STEM disciplines.

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Now teachers encourage computer games in class

Playful adventures represent a new frontier in education: video games as teaching tools. Though it's still a budding movement, scores of teachers nationwide are using games such as "Angry Birds," "Minecraft," "SimCity" and "World of Warcraft" to teach math, science, writing, teamwork, and even compassion.

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STEM fair gives 5th graders hands-on experience

There were 22 presentations at this year’s STEM Interactive Learning Fair, held by Catawba River District and UNC Charlotte Center for STEM Education on Sept. 27 at Duke Energy’s Explorium. More than 500 fifth-graders participated in various hands-on activities regarding water quality, air quality, energy, recycling, wildlife, and river creatures during this year's event.

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stem fair

Carrboro teen wins Gravity Design Challenge

She was tasked with designing a launcher, a transfer mechanism, and an orbit well. Eiley Hartzell-Jordan did this so well that she won first place in the Gravity Design Challenge.

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Resources & Tools


North Carolina Statewide STEM Strategy

Elementary School STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric

Middle School STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric

High School STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric

STEM Attributes (Updated)

STEM Education Data and Trends

2013 Race to the Top State-by-State analysis

Year 2 Report for Race to the Top in North Carolina (PDF)

NC STEM ScoreCard

STEM Funding Search Engine

U.S. Department of Education

North Carolina Network of Grantmakers

STEM Grants & Awards

SECU Emerging Issues Prize for Innovation

Biogen Idec Foundation Micro-Grants in Science Education

BWF Grant: Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease


Bridging the Gap 2013

Bridging the Gap 2013 is next week on Oct. 14-15 in Raleigh. Only on-site registration is available now for the annual event focused on strengthening K-16 STEM education throughout North Carolina. The conference is organized by the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research and is presented in partnership with NCDPI, the SMT Center, and Kenan Fellows.

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Bridging the gap 2013

PARI's 50 years of service

On Saturday, Oct. 26, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original dedication of the Rosman Satellite Tracking and Data Acquisition Facility (the site better known now as PARI). This event is free to the public.

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NSTA area conference coming to Charlotte

The National Science Teachers Association is having their area conference in Charlotte on Nov. 7-9. The conference will have concurrent sessions scheduled at the Charlotte Convention Center, the Westin Charlotte, and the Hilton Charlotte. Conference strands will focus on Engineering: Promoting the "E" in STEM; Merging Literacy into Science Instruction; and Accelerating the Skills of Digital Learners.

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Apple and Education in NC

Apple Education's second fall STEM event in North Carolina is coming to Wake County on Nov. 7. The first Apple STEM event was on Oct. 9 in Charlotte.

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I+E Close It Summit in D.C.

Innovate+Educate is hosting the Close It Summit on Nov. 5-7 in Washington, D.C. This event aims to bring together business and education leaders, human resource practitioners, workforce and youth development innovators, social impact organizations, and policy experts engaged in creating new talent pathways to close the skills gap and bridge the opportunity divide.

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close it

NCREN Community Day

MCNC will host NCREN Community Day 2013 on Nov. 21-22 at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on the campus of NC State University in Raleigh. This year’s theme is The Connected State. Online registration is now open.

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NCREN Community Day 2013


"There is no doubt that a nation that is technologically savvy will inevitably have a competitive edge. As we become more 'digital' as a society, not only does STEM education lead to technology-led innovations, but also increased competitiveness and productivity of a country. Future job growth will be in STEM disciplines, and a nation aspiring to be a global leader can use STEM education as a perfect platform for economic growth and prosperity."

Natarajan Chandrasekaran
TCS CEO and Director
September 2013

Natarajan Chandrasekaran

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